Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Soaring values.

I started this blog seven years ago and since that time, the price of decent Trabants has doubled and Wartburgs have trebled. Nowadays, a decent Trabant will cost at least 2000 Euros. What's really surprising is how rare and thin on the ground Wartburgs have become. There's often none for sale for months on end on the usual classic car websites and eBay.

Recently, there was one on eBay in the UK and it seemed to be an excellent example. It was a 1987 car that had spent its early life in Hungary, before ending up in the UK. It had a long MOT and desirable column change gearbox. The car looked and sounded very, very good indeed, but only made £1550 on auction, well short of the reserve of £3750 and didn't sell. This is the first 353 I've seen advertised for a few months in the UK or Ireland. Seven or ten-day auctions are perhaps not the best way to sell a classic car. Best to let them sit for weeks or the months it sometimes takes, on classic car websites. That way at least, you'll eventually find the right buyer. In five years time, I predict there'll be precious few 353's to be had at any price. You can virtually forget about ever owning a 311 as they're all but disappeared and will cost at least 7500 Euros in really good condition.

Trabants whilst still reasonably plentiful are becoming scarcer every year in good condition

Prices for DKW's remain very high indeed and although DKW owners don't like to admit it, they're very similar underneath to the Wartburg and Trabant.


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