Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Been looking for 2 years and got myself another Trabbi.

The car is a June 1990, one of the last 601's built. It was exported to Hungary and came to the UK in 2009. It was sold to an aircraft mechanic, who gave it 6 coats of old English white 2k paint, with an orange roof and wheels. The hubs were also painted in high temperature polyurethane paint. I've recently purchased the car.

It's only covered 46K KM from new and the whole suspension was overhauled and uprated with new shocks and all bushes replaced with polybushes. The exhaust was replaced with new tuned twin pipe unit that sounds fantastic. It's not really any noisier, but the two stroke sound is more clearly defined.

All brake cylinders were replaced, along with new drums, shoes and springs. All window rubbers were replaced when car was painted. The engine blanket was removed and the engine shroud painted to match the car. The coils were chromed and the air filter was replaced for a K & N type and the housing stripped. The bodywork is fantastic, no rust anywhere on the car and it drives and rides better than it would have when new due to the suspension work. The top of the engine was stripped and was in perfect condition, so the gaskets were renewed and all put back together.
I've had 4 other 2 stroke cars before this one and it's by far the best two stroke car I've ever seen or driven. I've been looking for a Trabbie for 2 years and jumped at the chance to buy it. I almost bought a 1976 Kombi a few months back, but it needed a pile of work and I'm glad now I didn't as i like Trabant's to have 12V electrics and the factory electronic ignition is an excellent unit.
The car idles perfectly and climbs hills like none of the other cars did.
The interior is original, apart from a modern stereo and a pool ball on the gear lever. The seats are in excellent shape.

More pics and info to follow.