Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pictures from the Horch Museum, Zwickau. 22nd Feb 2011

1949 Horch Pionier Tractor

Sachsenring P240

DKW F7 Delivery Van 1937

DKW F1 World's first Trnsverse, mass produced front wheel drive car.

front view of Sachsenring P240

IFA F8 with Duroplast Panels/prototype

Horch 375 from 1930

Horch 853, 1936. What craftsmanship these cars have.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Made it home after a very enjoyable trip!

Got home this evening after a very enjoyable three nights in East Germany.
We made it to all three museums, Horch in Zwickau, Wartburg in Eisenach, and last but not least, the Barkas/Framo museum in Frankenburg near Chemnitz.

The German's certainly know how to 'do' museums and all three were immaculately kept, with stunning cars on show and plenty of information available.

The Horch museum is a classy, no expense spared, monument to Horch, Dkw, Wanderer, Auto Union, Audi and of course Trabants and was funded a large part of the way by Audi themselves, as the street the museum is located on is called AudiStrauss ( Audi Street).
The Wartburg and particularly the Barkas museums are much smaller, more low key affairs, but with a certain charm of their own.

We also got to meet a genuine, Trabant rally driver who by day, works for VW designing cars and by weekend is rallying his Trabant in meets all over Germany.

Much more to follow on our trip soon and of course lots of great pictures.
I'm very tired tired today, but it was a great trip and my first time visiting East Germany, as it used to be known.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Off to Germany soon!

This Monday 21st Feb, my son and I are heading off to Germany.
We arrive into Berlin Schonefeld, pick up our rental car and then head to Zwickau.
We'll be visiting the Horch museum on the Tuesday morning, before heading onto Eisenach later that day.
We're staying in Eisenach on the Tuesday night.
We'll be visiting the Wartburg museum, before heading back towards Berlin on the Wednesday, hopefully stopping off in Frankenberg to see the 'Barkas' museum. ( time permitting)
We plan to meet up with a Trabant Rally driver whilst in Zwickau, to see his car and I'm sure he'll have a few stories to tell.
We're staying in Berlin on the Wednesday night, before flying back to Ireland on Thursday afternoon.
A pretty full schedule, but I'm used to that :)

More pics and info when we return.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Amazing Fuel economy

Took the Trabant out yesterday into a nearby town, oh about 8 miles from my house.
Stopped and went into a shop for about 20 minutes, then drove home.
I drove 16.7 miles and the car used 1 litre of fuel. Honestly, I'm not kidding, nor fooling myself either.
I dipped the tank before I left home and it had 13 litres in it ( half a tank) and dipped it again when I got back and it showed 12 litres.
This tops the 54 mpg I got when I drove the car back from England, after purchasing it.