Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Honecker's cars.

Erich Honecker, the Party Leader and one time Political head of East Germany certainly liked his car's.
While the ordinary citizens of East Germany had to make do with and wait 12-14 years for Trabants, he had a fleet of luxury cars at his disposal.
These included a customised for hunting, Range Rover, a Zil Limousine and several Volvo Limo's.
The following pictures are of  Citroen Cx limousine that he had made especially for him, but never got to use as the Communist Government imploded and collapsed, coincidental with the opening of the Berlin Wall/Border.
There were a few Citroen Cx's in use by Top Government officials in East Germany, so it's likely Honecker had already tasted their comfort a time or two.
The Volvo Limo was the most popular choice of the top brass in the Gdr.
Honecker also had a luxury Yacht that was sixty one metres long, had electronic bugging devices, bullet proof glass and was built to withstand poison gas attacks!


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