Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Most Popular Posts on this blog.

The blog stats make for interesting reading.
The most popular blog posts tend to be the ones relating to the Barkas van and the Brakas Framo Museum.
After that, the post ' Two stroke cars of the past has always attracted a lot of hits'.
My two articles regarding the 'Horch Museum in Zwickau and the Wartburg Museum in Eisenach have also been hugely popular'.
All the Dkw postings too have had a lot of readership, particularly the Schnellaster Van and the Munga posts.

The blog is currently getting about 400 hits per week and rising all the time.
Biggest readership is tied usually between Germany and the Usa.
 The Uk, Ireland, Poland and Hungary also show up strongly. There's also interest from France, Holland and all the countries of Eastern Europe which would have been familiar with two stroke cars.
These blogs truly scan the globe, there's even been hits from Thailand, India, Argentina and Brazil!