Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some pictures from the book 'Two Stroke Cars of the Past'.

back cover

from the Trabant chapter.

from theWartburg chapter

from the DKW chapter

from DKW chapter

American readers can get this book now from amazon.  It's priced at $27.99 including shipping.


  1. Hi, Mark
    It'a an excellent idea to publish this book!
    I want a signed one!
    Can I buy it at Amazon? Or directly from you?
    How much does it cost? Please, plus mail!
    I'm from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (excuse me for any language mistake).
    I'm a owner of 2 DKWs F94 Limousine, called "Belcar" in Brazil.
    Thank you,
    Roberto Fróes

  2. No problem Roberto, I will send you a private email.